Questions to Ask a Pet Cremation Provider

The majority of families we work with either contact us via phone or come to us with questions, anxiety and a lack of information regarding the cremation process. This is, after all, an area of the unknown and these families are either about to, or have just lost a special member of their family and don’t know what to expect next.  Just as we conduct research or pre-plan for death-care options for our human companions, I highly encourage pet parents to do the same.  Educate yourself in advance.  By doing so, you are able to make clear decisions without any surprises. Here are some important questions to ask your pet cremation provider.

What are the services provided and where are they performed?

Be sure to ask the crematory what services they provide and where they are performed – ask for details.

Examples of such questions are:

What types of cremations do you perform at your facility?  Private vs  Individual, Partitioned vs Communal/Community Cremation.  Also, have them explain what their definitions mean in plain terms.

Do they perform these services “On Site” or at another location – if another location, where?

What checks and balances do they offer to ensure families are receiving only their pet’s cremated remains back?

What is included in the price?

How long will it take to receive your pet’s cremated remains?

What types of memorialization options (urns, markers, etc..) do they offer and where can you see these?